Power a greener future with efficient, sustainable, and safe energy storage


Our products are made entirely from common materials, with no rare elements and no complex supply chains.

High performance

Our products perform equally or better than all of our competitors on all key metrics.

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Fully recyclable

End-of-life processing is enabled by using fully recyclable materials.

Low storage cost

With the lowest Levelised Cost of Storage (LCOS) of all products on the market, our batteries are affordable and scalable.


Join us on our mission

Our mission is to radically accelerate the transition to a world powered by plentiful, cheap, clean energy. Talk to us today about your project to find out how our technology can help you reach your energy goals.

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Our solutions

We help lower emissions, increase energy independence, and improve the perfomance of storage systems.


Latest updates about our technology in the media.

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The Australian

We are thrilled to have made it on The Australian's list of Green Power Players 2023 ...

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Climate Salad

Allegro Energy is building world leading new Redox Flow Batteries (for utility scale energy storage ) ...

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Photo by Qingbao Meng on Unsplash


EnergyLab’s 2022 Climate Solutions Accelerator has selected 10 Australian startups ...

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PV Magazine

Aussie startup invents breakthrough non-toxic battery electrolyte that’s cheaper ‘by factor of 100’ ...

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ASX Green Energy Stocks: Renu Energy nabs 5% stake in Allegro Energy ...

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Talk to us today about your project to discover how our technology can help achieve your energy goals.

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