The highest performing, most sustainable energy storage solutions on the market

A paradigm shift in the way we think about energy storage.


Customised to meet your energy storage goals

We specialise in two different technologies to set up the world for the renewables transition, which can be tailored to your needs:

  • Redox flow batteries for long duration, large scale storage
  • Supercapacitors for short-term, high-power needs

Combined or applied separately, these technologies can meet energy and power priorities.

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Solar power roof

The future of energy storage

After a decade of innovative research, we’ve shaken up the status quo, and unlocked the advantages of water to produce battery solutions that reshape how we think about our energy systems.

Our redox flow batteries and supercapacitors can be customised to suit many applications and meet the priorities of power and energy delivery. 

Allegro factory

Water based

Unlocking the advantages of water, our electrolytes are the first to utilise widely available resources for energy storage.

Highest performance

Our fast-charging supercapacitors and redox-flow batteries outperform competitors on all major metrics.

Lowest cost of storage

With the lowest levelised cost of storage (LCOS) our supercaps and batteries open up a world of electrification opportunities.

Ultimate safety

Our batteries are water based and non-flammable, maximising safety and the applications they can power.

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Redox flow batteries

Long-duration storage for commercial, industrial and utility-scale needs

Allegro’s unique water-based, micro-emulsion electrolytes underpin this battery technology. These batteries are low-cost, sustainable and efficient: the linchpin for a truly clean energy cycle. Visit Applications for uses of our redox flow batteries.

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Redox flow batteries description

Our Innovation

Allegro’s chemistry has been designed from the ground-up to avoid common, serious issues such as noxious gas evolution, metal-plating, and precipitation, which impact the safety, sustainability, efficiency and lifespan of other RFBs.

Storage facility

Long duration energy storage

Origin Energy has acquired a 5 per cent equity interest in Allegro Energy, pilot of the RFB long duration battery beginning operation at the Eraring Power Station.

Origin’s head of energy supply and operations, Greg Jarvis said, “Long duration storage could supplement the high demand peak period covered by the 460MW Eraring battery currently under development and add to the overnight generation availability provided by the Shoalhaven Hydro Scheme.”

Once an initial 100KW (800kWh) RFB module is successfully deployed at Eraring, a 5MW (60MWh) battery is planned, which will provide 12 hours of energy storage capacity. The Eraring site requires minimal preparation works prior to installation, which are expected to commence in August 2023, with the battery set to be commissioned in late 2024.

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