The highest performing, most sustainable energy solutions on the market

A paradigm shift in the way we think about energy storage.

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The future of energy storage

Water based

Unlocking the power of water, our electrolytes are the first to utilise widely available resources for energy storage.

Highest performance

Our fast-charging supercapacitors and redox-flow batteries outperform competitors on all major metrics.

Lowest cost of storage

With the lowest-levelised cost of storage (LCOS) our supercaps and batteries open up a world of electrification opportunities.

Ultimate safety

Our batteries are water based, non-corrosive and non-flammable, maximising safety and the applications they can power.

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Customised to meet your energy storage goals

Our suite of products can be customised to suit many applications:

  • Supercapacitors for short-term, high-power needs
  • Redox flow batteries for long duration, large scale storage
  • Combined where power and energy are both priorities.

Contact us to find out how our bespoke solutions can fit your needs.

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Our solutions

We help lower emissions, increase energy independence, and improve the perfomance of storage systems.

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