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Our new gigafactory

We’re building our first gigafactory - a sustainable manufacturing plant capable of producing gigawatts of cheap, clean storage.

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The problem

Our vision is to help build a future powered by plentiful cheap, clean, renewable energy. However, current battery technology has many problems and is, ironically, far from ‘green.’ It’s commonly sourced from rare earths, mined and processed in challenging ways, often toxic, and has a nasty habit of catching fire, explosively. Re-processing at end-of-life brings further complex issues. Given the world needs massive quantities of large scale storage to firm energy grids, and equally large quantities to power EVs, e-trucks, e-buses etc, we urgently need something better.

Our solution

Allegro Energy has developed a water-based electrolyte that matches or outperforms the current state of the art in all forms of electrical energy storage from batteries to supercapacitors. This water-based electrolyte enables energy storage that is not only non-flammable but much less expensive and much safer than competing technology, opening up the ability to address needs at global scale. We’re also not reliant on rare earths, raw materials that are difficult to source or supply chains that are subject to geo-political power-games.



Disruptive change is never incremental. We strive for creative solutions beyond imagination.


We want to change the world. Mitigating climate change and the transition to a renewable economy are not optional, but crucial for the survival of the human race.


We aim to treat our customers, colleagues, the environment, everything that we do with integrity and respect.

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