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We are driven to connect human endeavour to clean power

We’ve created the world’s first truly sustainable battery storage technology by making a single, monumental discovery

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Story of discovery

Ten years ago our CEO, Prof. Thomas Nann, recognised that energy storage was becoming both an urgent imperative, and that lithium and other technologies would face massive scalability challenges.

Thomas tasked his team to start with a clean periodic table of the elements, and cross out every element that was radioactive, nasty, scarce or not commercially viable. The results show how few elements remain. However these constraints revealed the potential for energy storage systems that were safe and powerful.

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The problem

Current battery technology is far from being truly sustainable. It's commonly sourced from rare minerals, mined and processed in challenging and ethically questionable ways. Moreover, battery components are often highly flammable and riddled with end of life processing issues. Given the world requires massive quantities of large scale storage to firm renewable energy grids and equally large quantities for e-mobility, we urgently need cleaner, safer and cheaper solutions.

Our solution

Allegro Energy has developed a water-based electrolyte that matches or outperforms the current state of the art in all forms of electrical energy storage from batteries to supercapacitors. This water-based electrolyte enables energy storage that is not only non-flammable but much less expensive and much safer than competing technology, opening up the ability to address needs at global scale. We’re also not reliant on scarce raw materials that are difficult to source or supply chains that are subject to geo-political power-games.



Disruptive change is never incremental. We strive for creative solutions beyond imagination.


We want to change the world. Mitigating climate change and the transition to a renewable economy are not optional, but crucial for the survival of the human race.


We aim to treat our customers, colleagues, the environment, everything that we do with integrity and respect.


To connect all human endeavours to an inexhaustible, readily available supply of inexpensive clean power. We provide the missing link between the promise of renewable energy and its ultimate application. Allegro’s is the world’s first truly sustainable battery storage technology with wide application to the long duration and electric mobility markets.


Our vision is to help build a future powered by plentiful cheap and clean renewable energy storage. A sustainable planet and a zero-carbon emission economy. A world where abundant energy and positive climate impact are synonymous.

Our new gigafactory

We’re planning our first gigafactory. A sustainable manufacturing plant capable of producing hours of cheap, clean storage, enough to viably bring forward the closure of fossil fuel power stations and reduce the cost of energy for everyone.

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