The cleanest, safest energy storage on the market

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Two super capacitors

The power of water

Powering the future with one of the safest, most abundant materials in the world. Our water-based energy solutions are the safest on the market.

100% Recyclable

Common, recyclable materials align with a circular economy.

High performance

A water-based storage system that does not compromise on performance.


No fires, no explosions, no drama.

Redox flow batteries

Flow batteries are ideal for long duration energy storage (4h+). Allegro’s redox flow batteries are made from abundant materials and our electrolyte is non-flammable and non-corrosive.

4 hours+ energy release

Non-corrosive, pH neutral electrolyte

Redox flow batteries description
Supercapacitor details


Supercapacitors offer short bursts of high power. Fast charging and discharging rates are ideal for a range of applications. Our super-capacitors are made from a water based electrolyte, making it safe and efficient to produce.

Fast charging and discharging

Safe, water based technology

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