July 8, 2024

Dr. Thomas Nann at the CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2024

Dr. Thomas Nann recently traveled to Singapore to participate in the CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2024, a biennial event organised by Singapore’s National Environment Agency. The summit, held from June 19 to 21, brought together over 15,000 delegates from 65 countries to discuss critical environmental issues under the theme "Action for a Sustainable and Clean Environment".

This sixth edition of the summit featured high-level plenaries, conferences, business forums and an exhibition showcasing cutting-edge environmental technologies and services. The event focused on three main pillars: Climate Action, Resource Circularity and Public Hygiene.

As a panelist on the topic of "Renewable Energy for Everyone: Creating Collaborative Solutions and Partnerships", Dr. Nann shared his expertise and engaged in discussions about the future of renewable energy. The panel delved into various aspects of clean energy, climate defence, decarbonisation and pollution management,emphasising the importance of collaboration between stakeholders and innovative strategies to make renewable energy accessible to all.

The CleanEnviro Summit provided a platform for thought leaders, industry captains and policymakers to convene, connect and consider solutions for a sustainable and clean environment.

Reflecting on the summit, Dr. Nann noted, "It was a pleasure to be part of such a significant gathering, contributing to the global dialogue on sustainable energy solutions".

By fostering a deeper understanding of global environmental challenges and exploring collaborative approaches, events like the CleanEnviro Summit play a crucial role in driving action towards a more sustainable future.