January 31, 2024

End of Year Highlights 2023

And that’s a wrap for 2023.

2023 has been a year of significant growth and progress as we propel towards the future of energy storage. We have been rapidly scaling the Allegro business, and have locked in a cornerstone partnership with Origin Energy that is providing us with the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our Redox Flow batteries and approach to long duration energy storage solutions.

The Allegro Energy team has grown from 4 at the start of the year to more than 10, as we have filled critical roles with some of the most talented and forward-thinking minds in Australia’s renewable energy sector.

In August we made the move to our new, expanded facilities at Thornton. This was a major development for Allegro, as the larger space means that we are now set for the ongoing growth of the company.

Now we look forward to a big year in 2024, as we continue on our vision of building a decarbonised world.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share a summary of the key moments, events, and experiences that we had over the last year.

Waving the Flag

In February, Allegro Energy was included on The Australian’s list of Green Power Players 2023.

Then in April, Allegro Energy’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Howdle, presented at the All Energy conference in Glasgow, to highlight the benefits of Redox Flow Batteries to a market with a pipeline of 100GW of wind power energy alone.

Supply Chain Resilience and Predictability

In June we announced the big news that Origin Energy had acquired a stake in Allegro Energy, and that we would be installing a Redox Flow battery at its Eraring power station.Greg Jarvis, Head of Energy Supply and Operations at Origin Energy, said:"We are pleased to be making an investment in what we view as a very promising technology. We believe long duration storage will ultimately play an important role in the energy mix.”

An Energy Transition Future

Mark Wojcik, manufacturing engineer (L) Fraser Hughson, co-founder and CTO (CL), Thomas Nann, co-founder and CEO (C), Paul Howdle, CCO (CR) and Rohan Borah, co-founder and CSO

In August, Allegro Energy was invited to participate in the Energy Cluster event, organised by the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Our CTO and Co-Founder, Dr. Fraser Hughson, also participated in a panel of the startup founders that were decarbonising the Australian economy in the energy industry at the Energy Next conference.

Meanwhile, our CEO and Co-Founder, Professor Thomas Nann, participated in an in-depth interview with RenewEconomy on the waves that Allegro energy was starting to make in the market.

Allegro CEO and Co-Founder, Professor Thomas Nann, sat down with Future Rail to discuss the role that Redox Flow batteries and Supercapacitors will have in transforming public transport to become more energy efficient and sustainable.

Expanding our R&D Capacity

We significantly expanded our Battery Testing Facility as a major milestone for the company, and we now have a much deeper capacity for utility scale R&D activity. This will allow us to more quickly scale the work that we’re doing with partners like Origin Energy, and help accelerate the adoption of long-term storage and the transition to a coal-free energy grid.

We were also thrilled to be able to participate in the inaugural London Climate Technology Show, with our Co-Founder, Dr. Fraser Hughson, attending as the guests of Climate Salad, who were a sponsor for the event.

We were also one of 10 battery tech startups to be selected as a company to watch by StartUs Insights.

Meanwhile, on the speaking circuit, Allegro Energy CEO and Co-Founder, Professor Thomas Nann, was a guest speaker at All Energy Australia. There he participated in a panel on 'Energy Storage: Developments', along with several other leaders in the space. Read a summary of that event here.

Selected as Top 100 Green Energy Players 2023

In November we were honoured to be selected as one of HolonIQ’s Australia and New Zealand Climate Tech 100 for 2023.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Professor Thomas Nann, was also given a personal accolade in being selected by The Australian as one of the Top 100 Green Energy Players 2023.

In the month, Dr. Nann also contributed a piece on the future ot long-term energy storage to PV Magazine, highlighting the importance of refocusing on battery supply chains. Read that here.

We were also invited to an event in Canberra, which Senators Karen Grogan, Andrew Bragg and David Pocock attended, to discuss the role that government can have in better supporting cleantech.

As you can see, it has been a busy calendar of activities. Allegro Energy, on the strength of our solutions and vision for a clean and renewable energy sector, are looking forward to a year of further acceleration and achievements in 2024.

A big thank you to our partners who have been an instrumental part of this exciting journey. We hope you have a refreshing holiday break.

Here’s to another exciting year of developments in Energy Storage and beyond.

With best regards,

Thomas & the Team
Allegro Energy